Live Chat Solutions For Universities

JetSpring was established in 2008 to provide colleges and universities with a live chat software and service that would turn website visitors into students. Since then, our company has evolved not only to entice new students to apply, but our operators can answer inquiries from current students, alumni, parents as well as any other online visitor you can imagine!

If you are looking for a live web chat for colleges or universities that will do more than just give “no” or “yes” answers, JetSpring is that company!

Online Live Chat For Universities

live web chat for universitiesHow do our online live chat software, program, and service stand apart from others?

One of the main reasons why we stand apart from others in our industry is simple—there is no one else that does what we do. Sure, there are other programs and live chat software you can add to your website. But how many of the companies that provide those things can say that they have operators—all with 4-year college degrees—who will go to extremes to study the ins and outs of your university or college? Not many live chat companies dedicate their whole company to serving just colleges and universities like we do here at JetSpring.

How do our live web chat operators become experts on your college or university?

Like we mentioned above, all of our web chat operators are 4-year college graduates. Therefore, not only have they experienced life at a university or college, but all of them bring a professionalism that others without degrees could be lacking. Also, another thing that we place an extremely high emphasis on is training. Not only are our operators skilled in using JetSpring’s live software and program, but they have to become “certified.” They become certified via an intense series of tests, quizzes, and role-playing exercises done in conjunction with a college or university’s administration before they are cleared to serve as an operator. The process takes anywhere from two to three weeks, and always happens before they begin serving as a live chat representative.

Add Live Chat Software To Website For Universities

Why is it beneficial to add a live chat service to your college or university’s website?

Aside from having someone who will be able to talk to your prospective students, alumni, or current students online and 24/7, you will improve your services all around. The benefits are nearly endless! With JetSpring, you will have individuals at your disposal who can answer questions related to admissions, academics, athletics, campus life, as well as what events are happening or are going on in the future!

If universities or colleges are looking for on online chat program, software and service entirely tailored to the education industry, JetSpring is exactly the company to call!